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T.J. Shiyanbola

Bsc Hons

Winner of Pride Of Reading


My name is T.J (Tunde Junior) Shiyanbola, a motivational speaker. I was born with three fingers and a thumb on my left hand. I was diagnosed as dyslexic at young age. I grew up in one of the toughest environment in the UK and I was verbally abused because of my disability. The constant abuse, negative environment and difficult family circumstances proved too much for me. I became angry, isolated and associated myself with the wrong crowd. I was told by one of my teachers at school that I would never amount to anything. Triumphantly I am now a lecturer at university of Bedfordshire. I won awards for clinical quality improvement in 2012 and Pride of Reading 2010 community champion. I now focus my time to motivating and inspiring young people in schools, colleges, universities, businesses, individuals and groups.


9 (A*-C) GCSE | GNVQ Health and Social Care | Diploma in Nursing | Bsc Hons Leadership in Nursing | Pride of Reading 2010 | Reading’s Got Talent judge 2011 and 2012 | Clinical Quality Improvement award 2012 | Lecturer at university of Bedfordshire


Advance Communication Skills | Great Public and Motivational Speaker | Special Invitation to Abbey Roads Studios in 2011 | Fully CRB checked and Certified to work with Children | Reading Speakers Club Member


1. Workshop (Time limit 2 hours) (Group size max 20)
This is suitable for 13-17 year old. This workshop focuses on creating a safe environment for the individuals involved to explore and have a better understanding of EMOTIONS. We offer tools /techniques that can be used and adopted in order to better one's self in every aspect of our lives.

2. Talk (Time limit 30 minutes) no limit on group size.
Exploring where I was, where I am now, and where I want to be. We'll discuss the tools and techniques I had to apply in order to see a positive change in my life and why they are effective.

3. Performance (Time limit 15 minutes) No limit on group size.
Performing 3 tracks that is positive and engaging. Please visit our music section to so browse.

For bookings
Please contact
Heather Shiyanbola
Number: 07445090903
Email: heathershiyanbola3@outlook.com

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